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    Denver's Urban Culinary Creation's

French Toast

french-toastGood Morning Foodies…If you’re thinking about breakfast in the morning and tired of preparing French Toast on a griddle? Here is something you at home can prepare!

Make your favorite French Toast Bake in the morning when you get up while having that first cup of coffee so it will soak a bit before placing it in the oven.  Bake the French toast bake to your instructions, then cool so that you can cut the French Toast into smaller squares.  I will melt some butter in a frying pan add toasted almonds and fry them a bit. I then roll the French toast in to the cinnamon sugar mixture and place them into the frying pan. This will brown the French toast and make it a bit buttery. You can then place the French toast on a plate and top with toasted almonds and dust with powdered sugar. When this is done, you now have a fried French toast that has amazing flavors.  Server with pure maple syrup!

Give it a try, and enjoy!

Denver’s Urban Culinary Creations in Downtown Denver!

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Denver's Urban Culinary Creations at the Capitol Hill Mansion Bed and Breakfast Inn

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